Using Life Principals Will Make Your Life Easier!

I recently read Ray Dalio’s book “Principals of Life and Work” and he talks about this concept of using life principals.

What are life principals?

Dalio’s website Principals starts with the tag line “Principles are ways of successfully dealing with reality to get what you want out of life.”

This is what Principals of Life and Work is all about. Developing a standard for yourself so that you follow it without having to think. Kind of like your own rule book that you use to make decisions so that you are more consistant with yourself and others.

Why are they important?

This is important because when you have your own rule book you can make decisions without thinking. Lets say that you are deciding whether to be honest with someone or tell them a lie. If you had the principal to always be brutally honest with people then you would know what to do instantly.

I really like this concept because it can apply to every aspect of your life. I apply it with my habits. For play guitar I know I want to just play songs, but that does not improve your skills very quickly, if at all. That is why I have the principal to always work on development before playing songs. That way I can become better, quicker.

How do you create life principals?

Now, making your own “Rule book” is not easy, but it is not that difficult either. If you sat down and thought about the person you are and who you want to be you would be able to craft certain rules for your life fairly simply.

Another good way to do this is while you are experiencing things you jot down whether you did or did not do what you believed was right. For example, I recently had to fight the registrar at my school to allow me to take a certain amount of units. Being a JD/MBA that refused and I continued to fight for weeks until I went around all of their issues and came up with a solution. For me, this became a principal of my life.

Never take no for an answer when you believe in your heart you are right.

Now, some people might believe that you should not do this, but I do. That is an important aspect of Principals of Life and Work that your rule book is truly your own. The more you experience throughout your life the more developed your principals become.

What if you do not have experience?

You can, however, look to people you want to become and see what principals they have.

This is a good strategy if you are dealing with something that you have no experience with. It is generally a good idea to look to your ideals and what they are doing for advice anyway. This allows you to learn from them and eventually develop your own rules.

It is important to not follow blindly though. Have a critical mind and decide for yourself whether you should follow that advice or not.

Want to know my life principals?

If you are interested in the principals that I created for myself you can check out my ebook here -> 10x Your Life

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I hope you enjoyed this and have a great day!



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