The 7 hacks of Highly Confident People

  1. Pep Talk – everyone gets scared, everyone fails. When these things happen, they can leave a dent in our confidence and leads to inaction. Here is where Pep talk comes in. When you are scared, talk to yourself like a person you are coaching. Motivate yourself and remember your goals.
  2. Work out – pushing your body floods your system with endorphins that makes you feel good. It also gives you a body you are satisfied with and energy to perform with confidence.
  3. Spread out – If you want an instant dose of confidence, optimizing your posture is one of the fastest ways. Try it right now: Stand up straighter. Puff your chest out a bit. Lift your chin up. Put a confident smile on your face. Boom, there you go.
  4. Photocopy confidence – confidence is contagious and if you want it so bad. All you have do is hang out with already confident folks. It will spread to you in time.
  5. Celebrate your wins – we all give ourselves problems by worrying over the small things. Learn to celebrate every small win you get. Realize true confidence takes time to build. So celebrate every effort you take right now. You are doing great Bro!
  6. Prepare yourself – we are wired to avoid failure so no matter your courage, you’d still be scared of failure. This is why you should always prepare for anything. Read those social skills books. Practice the hell out of that speech. Horne that presentation skills.
  7. Drop the mask – I used to have a mindset that I was broken and I have to be fearless all the time, but it’s a lie. Almost everyone is scared just as I was. So drop the mask and practice vulnerability. Let your friends know that you are scared and you will need their helps at times. This will make you be yourself and act without fear of rejection.

Hope this helps.

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