Steps You Can Take to Achieve Greatness

#1: Challenge Yourself.

Face your fears. Make sure that you are doing one thing that challenges you, EVERY DAY! Real growth comes from pushing your limits. Imagine if you are pushing your limit every day. You will fuc*ing conquer.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ – Eleanor Roosevelt.

#2: Have a Night Routine.

Plan your day the night before that way have you have an action plan for the next day. It also helps you unwind and allows your mind to shut down from the stress of work.

#3: Plan

Every minute spent planning saves 10 minutes in execution. Why? Because you know exactly what you need to do. Even Einstein knew!

Not only does plannings save you time. It counteracts worry, stress and gives you a feeling of control in your life!

#4: Learn something new, every single day.

“Good habits copy, but great artists steal”

Why experience everything yourself? Learn from the people who have mastered shit.

You can learn from everything. A new podcast, a book, an article on Quora, a talk with a food friend, messages about productivity delivered to you in Facebook Messenger on a regular basis(Subscribe to our Messenger Bot here).

#5: Drink a glass of water before your meals.

Nothing counteracts overeating like this.

Try it out and be amazed!

#5: Remove Distractions

Ahhh. Distractions. Nothing kills your productivity or enhances your rage than people who are talking, smearing, laughing.

Or the distractions of your phone constantly buzzing with notifications.

Try these tips.

  • Turn off push notifications.
  • Buy a couple of Noise Cancelling Headphones. I just got Sony’s new ones. They are amazing! I can disconnect everywhere.
  • Use White Noise.
  • Turn on “Do not disturb” or “flight mode.

#6: Stop Wasting Time. Make every moment matter! Time is the most vital resource we have. The ONLY thing we can’t get back. Make sure to use it wisely. Here is a couple of examples.

  1. If you are working, work with efficiency. Take breaks with efficient!
    1. When you are with your family, make every moment matter! Really care about them, ask them how their day has been.
    2. When you are doing low-activity activities, try multitasking. The only time I actually recommend multitasking is when you are doing low-activities such as cleaning, washing the dishes, etc. Take advantage of that time by listening to an interesting podcast or make time for self-reflection.

#6: Try Timeboxing

As stated in point 5: TIME MATTERS. Therefore it’s our mission to make the most out of your time.

Success is all about making the most out of the time you are given…

You need a time-management technique. Try out the technique ELON MUSK uses to gain success in everything he does.

It’s called timeboxing.

Timeboxing is simply fixing a time period to work on a specific task. Instead of working on a task until it’s done, you commit to working on it for a specific amount of time.

“Time management is not a peripheral activity or skill. It is the core skill upon which everything else in life depends. “ — Brian Tracy

BTW: Want to learn more about this technique? Grab this PDF for details.

#9: Exercise.

I know. You can’t read a self-improvement tip without reading about this one.

But there is a reason for that.

Exercise is fuc*ing amazing.


  • Health improvement —> Adding muscle mass. Wight loss.
  • Mental improvement —> Develop brain health and memory. Reduce depression.
  • Capacity boost —> Boost energy levels. Helps you conquer the world.
  • Break from life —> See exercise as an opportunity to take a break from life. A place where your mind can rest and your body can work.
  • Creative flow → Having trouble solving your problems? Go out for a run and experience flows of creativity!

#10: Just do it.

These tips are useless if you don’t start taking action. Every self-help book comes down until this one principle. JUST DO IT!

It’s a wrap. Adopt these 10 things into your life and get ready to conquer.

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