How to Wake up feeling like Muhammad ali

Hey Guys! There are tons of ways that you can start your day. I recommend 3 different things when trying to prime your day for success.

  1. Mini accomplishment ( Where you wake up and immediately get something done)
  2. Mindfulness (where you practice your focus through a form of meditation)
  3. Affirmations (using the Law of Attraction to set you up for success)

Below are some ways that you can use these three things when starting your day. I also throw in a couple extras!

  • 5:30 AM Wake Up: This not only gives your more time to get things done, but the peaceful, serene and soothing morning environment improves your mood ten times. Also, instead of feeling lazy, lethargic, cranky and I am full of energy & enthusiasm to Conquer the Day!
  • Drink a glass of lemon & honey water on empty stomach: A glass of lemon & honey water not only quenches the thirst of all the parched organs who have been working for 7–8 hours (or for whatever time you slept) but also detoxifies your body. I know you might have heard and read this a million times. Just try it for about 30 days and you’ll see the detoxification happening on your face which is the first place where you see results of detoxification. Below are some other benefits:
  • Make your bed: This is important because it falls under the Mini Accomplishment! When you start your day off with getting something done it sets you up to get much more done throughout the day! Snowball effect of accomplishments!
  • Count your blessings: This is like the most important thing to me. I make sure to do this before I actually start my day because this simple activity astronomically intensifies and magnifies my happiness and shits my vibration to a higher frequency. I made a Gratitude Journal about 5 months ago and since then, not even a day has passed without me writing and expressing my gratitude for 10 things that I already have. This becomes extremely important if you want to fulfill your dreams. I understood this with the 3rd Law of Motion that states “Every action has an equal & opposite reaction” and that is how Gratitude works – The more Gratitude you give for what you already have, the more you will get to be Grateful for. Not only this, this simple exercise that takes about 5–10 minutes (depending upon how much in detail I am writing) makes me realize how blessed I am and rather than whining and cribbing about how imperfect my life is, I am thinking more about how blessed I am and I stay motivated to achieve more.

Gratitude is the Vitamin for the Soul.

  • Meditate: This is a great way to relax your mind and prepare it for the day. I meditate from 5 minutes in a day to 20 minutes depending upon the time I can spare. This is where the mindfulness practice comes in. If you can focus on your breath for 5 -20 minutes a day you start to enhance your focus throughout the day.
  • Workout: No better way to feel alive and to increase your energy in the morning! You heard me right… Exercising, instead of making you tired, increases your energy and improves your mood. Another great mini accomplishment is through exercise! So, whenever I feel exhausted and lethargic to do a task or when I am irritated or can’t focus on the task at hand, I workout (either take a walk, do some light stretching or if I’m at home, I use the elliptical) for 5–10 minutes and I instantly feel better. It not only does wonders to your mind and mood but also transforms your body into its better & fitter version. Do any exercise you like – cardio, zumba (I’m a fan), strength training, Pilates, yoga… the options are endless. Choose what you love to do and start working out ! 🙂
  • A Nutritious and High-in-Protein Breakfast: Before leaving for work, I always ensure that I have a nutrition-packed breakfast so that my body has the energy to do all that it has to throughout the day. Eating a protein rich diet ensures that there is no sudden insulin spike in your blood streams and prevents lethargy, fatigue and brain fog. It is also the most important meal of the day. If you are in a hurry, just make yourself a smoothie and enjoy it en route your office/college. Also, eating a healthy breakfast is the most important if you are trying to lose weight – it’ll kick start your metabolism and since you are eating a high protein diet, you will fill full for longer and have lesser cravings.
  • Make a To-Do List: I’ve always been skeptical about to-do lists until very recently. I’ve seen so many successful people setting a Goal/Goals for the day. I started with Android Apps and the best that I found is Wunderlist. Even though I am a person who literally has her phone glued to her hands, I couldn’t stick to it much. I then tried the traditional paper & pen method and that just changed my life. Just because you have things written in front of you, you’ll feel an urge to get those things completed and would procrastinate less (which I have an excellency in :P). And the joy of checking things on the list is a bonus (I love checking things on the list, they make me so happy) 😀 It took me some time but now I’ve developed the habit and I notice that I’ve become much more organized, productive and get so many things done in a day. I also use these to develop new habits and it works. You should certainly give this a try 😉 I don’t like the “To-Do List” title on the page, so I name my list as Make Today Awesome 😉

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