How to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Shit

So you woke up this morning and you just feel like total ass. It’s not like your usually lazy, but maybe today you will just take the day off….right?

NO! You must not give in!

But how?

We all know the secrete to success is consistency. But, being consistent is harder than it sounds, especially when you feel like shit. So then what is it that happens when we are not feeling feel that just kills our motivation and drive?

Well, you might not like to hear this, but the problem is all in your head. Your mind actually decides how you feel and how motivated you are in every moment. Now, there are outside influences that can dictate motivation, like the time of day, the things you ate or drank, but in general you can control you motivation with a few easy to use techniques.

If you are feeling like shit, but don’t want to be lazy here are a few mental strengtheners you should try.


The reason you want to stay motivated and get stuff done is to accomplish some goal right? Well, a great way to get yourself up and running after a long day, or weak start is to visualize where you want to go/do.

Grab a cup of coffee, or your drink of choice, sit down somewhere quite and cross your legs. Get in a nice meditational state and just image yourself accomplishing your goal.

See your self exactly where you would be, how you would feel, who would be around you. Be as specific as possible. Think about how amazing it would be….really get into it. Think about how it would feel, but also why you want it.

Why is this your goal. Who does it benefit? Why this goal and not another one. What is driving you to do it?

Answer all of these questions and then come back. I’m sure you feel much more motivated to get something done today after that!

Small Accomplishment

You know you need to get some things done, but you don’t feel like doing anything.

A really good, time tested strategy you can use to tick your mind into being more motivated is to cut your task into small portions.

If you have to write a really large paper, cut your task into paragaphs, sentences, maybe even words.

Instead of saying, shit I have to write an entire paper today. Tell yourself, I have 30 minutes to write one paragraph. This will trick your mind into thinking the large task is much easier because you are making incremental goals instead of one large one.

You can use this for really any task.

I really recommend this one because it has worked for me countless times when I have massive projects that are so daunting to start.

Quick Workout

If your feeling like shit and don’t want to get anything done, then I recommend dropping down and doing 10.

Really you can do any small workout you want, but just get the blood pumping. Working out pumps endorphins into your brain that stimulates happiness, and drive.

Just doing a quick set of squats or pushups might just be enough to get you going!

Quick energy bite

After your quick set, be sure to eat a couple peanuts or a protein bar to give you that extra energy. Sometimes you are just a little hungry and its dragging you down.

This combo will be sure to give you an extra kick to get whatever it is you need to do to get done!

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