Habits that will change your life!

Habits are important and a key to life! Here are 5 habits that WILL have an excellent effect on your life.

#1: 2-Step Lifehack

Honestly, I believe that what I will show you is the greatest lifehack ever. By following these two simple steps you will drastically lower the amount of stress in your life, sky-rocket your productivity and be present in everything you do!

Do the following, EVERY TIME you get a task that needs to be done.

  1. Do the task RIGHT AWAY!
  2. IMMIDIATELY write it down and plan for a time when you should do it.


Your brain is not stored for keeping all of your ideas and all of the tasks that you need to get done, therefore you should either just get it done, or write down a plan for when you should do it.

When you always postpone things and never “just do it”, your brain has to store all this “unfinished” things.

This leads to stress, anxiety, and depression.

And the worst …..

the feeling of having NO CONTROL over your life.

But wait, how can simply write down a plan for when to do a thing help with this?

Ever heard of the Zeigarnic effect? The Zeigarnic is a study that proved that writing down a plan for when you should do a task, helps your brain to “set the task aside”, and not stress over it.

So, EVERY TIME you get a new thing to do. Do the following.

#2: Organize Your Work Around Your Energy Levels

We are all human, we can’t be deadly effective 24/7. But, productivity isn’t about that. Productivity is all about organizing your work around your energy levels.

Your productivity isn’t constant throughout the week, or even throughout a day. We are human beings, we have a different amount of energy and productivity during a day. The study from Redbooth, shows that the normal person is most productive at around 11 am. After that, the productivity decreases, and at 4 o’clock, very little gets done.

Over the next day, try to observe your energy levels. When are you most effective? When are you most productive? At what times do you usually feel tired?

When you have identified this, do the following.

  1. Peak Productivity Phase – It’s during these periods you should complete the study projects that involve creative strategizing, problem-solving and critical decisions.
  2. Low-Level Productivity Phase – Don’t waste this time. If you end up binge-watching Netflix every time you enter a phase like this, you will be wasting a lot of time. Instead, do the tasks that do not require a lot of energy or creativity to accomplish. This can be tasks like:

3#: Apply the TIMEBOXING technique

Timeboxing is simply fixing a time period to work on a specific task. Instead of working on a task until it’s done, you commit to be working on it for a specific amount of time.

Working in timeboxes, is like working inside mini-deadlines. This will give you the push and focus to GET THINGS DONE!

Other pros of using timeboxing

  • You journal your time, so you can see exactly where your time is being spent. This will help you motivate yourself to stop wasting time and identify what captures your attention.
  • Divide your big goals into small, realistic timeboxes. Goals can often be overwhelming, but when you can only work in timeboxes of 30 minutes. You must divide you goals up in more realistic goals.
  • Sharpens your focus. Anybody can stay focused for a short time period. Enter timeboxing!

#4: Break large projects into small, doable tasks.

How do you eat a elephant?

One bite at a time.

Whenever you are facing a big, time-consuming and energy demanding task. Break the task into smaller parts, that can be done in a realistic timeframe. When you accomplish these “baby-goals” you will be one step closer to your big goal. This makes you move against your goals, and gives you motivation on the way.

#5: Implement the 2 Minute Rule

“Should I spend two mintues comleting this task now, or stress about it for 4 days first? The latter seems good. – Kelly Ellis

If a task takes less than two minutes, don’t add it to your to-do list. Complete it immediately. If a task takes more than two minutes, plan for a later time to complete the task.

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