Goal Setting Made Simple

Why is it that so many people make goals, but fail to achieve them?

They are goal setting incorrectly

In order to goal set properly you need to define what it is you are trying to accomplish. It is good to start with what the problem is that you are trying to solve.

Maybe you are overweight and desire to get fit. Therefore, the “problem” is that you are not happy with how you look and feel. It is important to start with the problem because it helps you define what your end goal really is. Otherwise, you might end up not accomplishing the right thing.

The next step is to identify the end goal you are looking to have. It is very important that you have this image crystalized in your mind. If you want to have a six pack and be completely ripped that is awesome, but it is completely different then someone who wants to fit into their old jeans again.

The reason it is so important to look at the end goal before the solution is because the person who wants a six pack will require a different solution then the person who wants to fit into their old jeans again. This means that those two different people will go about accomplishing their end goals differently.

Once you have defined your problem and end goal it is time to define your solution. Your solution is the straight line that bridges your problem and end goal. Your solution should be:

1. Simple
2. Specific
3. Quantifiable

This is extremely important because it will make or break whether you accomplish your goal or not. I outline this in more detail in my free work book. Check it out here -> free workbook

Simple because you want to make it as easy as possible for you to stay consistant with your solution. Consistency is the number one thing to ensuring you accomplish your goal so make it simple!

Specific because you need to be actually able to do the solution in order to achieve your goal. You can’t have an end goal be “I want to be a millionaire” and your solution be “I will make a million dollars this year” when you don’t have the means to actually do that.

If your solution is not specific, like the one above, then you risk never actually doing anything. A better solution would be “I am going to invest $100,000 in an index fund, invest $50,000 in property, ect. ect.” The more specific you get with your solution the better.

Lastly, your solution must be quantifiable because you need to track in order to see what things are going well and what is going wrong. If you track your progress you can see what investments are failing, what foods are working, and what workouts are helping the most.

From here, you can amend your solution and continuously make it better until you accomplish your goal.

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