In under an hour you will learn everything you need to change your life

Kit doesn’t waste any time focusing on the reasons why the reader is reading 10x Your Life, like most self-help books do. He gets right into it, talks immediately about his own experiences, and gets straight to the point about becoming your best self. It was short and simple, but still able to get all the points and ideas across in great detail. I have read it several times and I still learn new valuable tools to transforming my life. –Nerses Hamboyan

Ready to take some action towards your ultimate goals in life?

Then you’re ready to 10x Your Life! Tomorrow can be different than yesterday, but only if you are willing to make a commitment to yourself to make a change today. Packed with practical tips that are easy to implement, this book will teach you how to:

  1. Power Your Mind
    • Learn how to stop being lazy and develop a mindset of success.
  2. Jumpstart your day
    • Prime your mornings for ultimate results, high focus, and results.
  3.  Goal set for action
    • Goal set for action so that your ambitions drive your success.
  4. Get more with less
    • Practical ways to start using the Pareto Principal in your everyday life.
  5. Own your routine
    • Set incremental goals and map your way to meeting your larger dreams.
  6. Build any habit
    • Form long lasting habits through secret tips and tricks.

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