Here’s a Simple Life Hack to Get an Extra 17 Years of Your Life Back!

There are several that are pretty obvious.

I’d argue that most people “know” about these, but are simply unwilling to actually put them into practice.

1. How to Get an Extra 12 Years of Your Life Back

Would you like to have an extra 12 years of life? 77 extra days each year? 6.41 days a month?

You would?

Then all you have to do is throw out your television.

No, really…

The average American watches more than 5.2 hours of TV EVERY single night. Over the course of the average person’s lifetime (60 years from age 20–80) this equates to more than 12 years of time spent sitting in front of an electric box watching other people live life while your brain and soul slowly atrophies.

With that amount of time you could:

  • Get a Ph.D. and a second undergraduate degree
  • Build a 9-figure business
  • Add an extra week of productive time to each month
  • Write more than 24 books (assuming you can write one every six months)

Pretty crazy when you think about it like that, huh?

Throw out the TV, and reclaim your life.

2. Add an ADDITIONAL 5 Years to Your Life with this One “Weird” Trick

So, now that you’ve thrown out your television and reclaimed more than 12 years of your life, let’s up the ante and add an additional 5 years of time to your life?

This equates to 17 years or more than 6,205 days of extra time you can spend pursuing the things you love most.

How do you do this?

By deleting all social media applications from your phone and blocking them on your computer.

If you use them for business, outsource it or learn to become a creator instead of a consumer.

And BOOM! There are 17 years of your life back.

With this time you could…

  • Earn TWO Ph.D.’s
  • Create a billion dollar company
  • Travel to every country in the world several times over
  • Write 34 books

And a whole lot more.

There are enough hours in those days/years that you could reasonably become one of the top ten people in the WORLD (according to the 10,000-hour rule) at 14 different skills!

Not a bad life hack is it?

3. Increase Your Happiness by 50% in as Little as 120 Minutes a Day

Now that you’ve reclaimed more than 6 hours and 55 minutes of your day by cutting out TV and social media, take two of those hours to double your happiness.

Here’s how…

  • Go to bed 50 minutes earlier (this will provide a HUGE boost in happiness and performance)
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Gratitude journal for 5 minutes
  • Walk in nature for 30 minutes
  • Call a friend for 20 minutes
  • Watch a funny 5-minute video clip.

Boom! According to the research, the above tactics will all band together to help you increase your happiness by at least 50%.

Not a bad way to spend your extra time.

4. Double The Positive Effects of Caffeine in Only 4 Days

Want to get more bang for your buck with your daily cup of Joe?

Want to feel the same way you felt the first time you took a sip of that delicious black nectar, every time?

You do?

Cool, here’s all you have to do.

Only drink coffee 3 days a week.

Pick 3 days that are your busiest or most challenging and only drink caffeine on those days.

This will ensure you don’t build up much of a tolerance and allow you to experience all of the positive benefits with none of the nasty tolerance/withdrawal symptoms.

Easy, right?

Those are the only ones that come to mind now.

Hope this helps.

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