4 Steps to build habits that will last a life time

Step 1. Choose the Right Habits

In order to create habits that will change your life you first need to focus on the correct habits that will push you to be more productive, happier, and generally feeling better. These types of habit its are called Key Stone habits.

So, what are Key Stone habits?

Key Stone habits are habits that change your life and help you build other good, and useful habits. For example, working out is a Key Stone habit. Generally, when people workout they tend to start eating better because they do not want to waste their workout.

One workout can provide you energy, focus, and the drive to put good fuel into your body. So, by focusing more on working out consistently rather then on just your diet, people will receive countless benefits.

So, why are Key Stone habits so important?

Key Stone habits have the ability to dramatically change your life for the better just by changing one thing. Also, by focusing on only one single habit change you are more likely to actually stick with it and make the change. That means you get the benefit of changing multiple habits, but the likelihood of success from just one!

Here is a list of good Key Stone Habits that suggest

1. Sleep 8 hours a night
2. Eliminate negative self-talk
3. Eliminate the excuse habit
4. Mediate
5. Start saving money

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So, how do you figure out what is right for you?

Figuring out which Key Stone habit to focus on is a very personal thing, but I have a few suggestions. First of all, identify the areas in your life that you struggle with and desire to change.

For example, if you believe that you need to acquire better focus and relaxation then maybe Meditation is a good habit to take up. If you find yourself tired throughout the day then working out, or sleeping 8 hours a night could be your next keystone habit.

Remember, only focus on one at a time! Once it becomes a habit you can add a new one!

Step 2. Timing/association

The best way to ensure you are consistant with your habit building is through timing and association. Timing has to do with making sure you are doing your habit at the same time each day. Association is a similar concept, but instead of using timing to help your habit building, you associate something with your habit.

For example, I sing while driving. So every time I get in the car I turn on my scales and sing-a-long. Now, after months of doing this it has become automatic no matter when I am driving. It has made a HUGE difference in my singing and now it is so easy to continue my habit!

Why timing matters

Timing is extremely important because our mind wants to identify patterns. Using timing allows your brain to automatically go into habit mode during that time of the day. For example, I journal and meditate every morning and night. Now, as soon as I wake up I get an urge to meditate and journal. This allows you to stay consistant and utilize your brain to help build your habits forever!

Step 3. Keep it small

The next really important thing to building long lasting habits it ensuring you do it everyday. But, it is really hard to meditate for 20 minutes a day. That is why you set a small habit for meditating at least 1 minute a day. If you do more that is fine, but you can NEVER choose not to do a minute because it is so easy.

Your small habit must be so easy you cannot fail. You need to trigger the repetition in your mind so that your brain starts to want to do the habit. Once you have embedded it into your daily routine you can add more and more. You can also do more each day, but just ensure you are sticking to your bare minimum at least!


1. Singing in the car at least 1 minute
2. Writing one word in your journal
3. Meditate 1 minute at night
4. Thinking 1 positive thought during the day
5. 1 Minute visualization exercise

Step 4. Make is last

The best way to making habits last is ensuring you do them for at least 66 days straight. Continue your small habit until you execute it for 66 days and then add more. This way you will actually build the habit and begin to utilize your brains automation.

It is extremely important to do your small habit when it is hard. This is when your brain begins to make the change to actually developing the habit into your lifestyle.

After you have done this you should start to feel the urge to do the habit!

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